About me

I am an amateur photographer in the South Puget Sound area.
I just recently moved to Renton, and have been/continue to look forward to exploring the area.

I have been taking photos for about 10 years, beginning in my high school’s darkroom, where I learned to process black and white prints!

I find myself shooting a lot of macro; leaves, bugs, flowers, tree bark.

My boyfriend, Isaac,  and I were seasonal park rangers at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. I loved it, but its only seasonal, so we decided to see what else is out there.

I have not had a lot of experience in photographing people, and I want to work on this.
Isaac has been my on-call model since we moved to Renton. We don’t know anyone else in the area just yet, but he has been mostly an obliging subject.

Want to be my practice model? Email me at abraalaniphotography@gmail.com.


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